Most of the online actors are very familiar with the words called web directory, but not for the new comer of this virtual sphere, many of these newbies are still confused by these famous words. The most questions come up are ‘what is web directory? What does it for? What is the benefit of the web directory?’

Well mates, to minimize the confusion, especially for my friends who ask me to explore and post the article related to this issue, here is the update.

A web directory or Link Directory is a directory on the World Wide Web which specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Unlike search engines which give results according to a given keyword, web directories provide links on chosen category and subcategories that are available on its list. The use of a web directory is similar to using the yellow pages of a phone directory. Web directories, however, are a database of categorized websites and links and of particular use for internet users.

Web directories can be very useful for anyone that is thinking to promote their website. Mainly two benefits of doing website directory submission are to increase traffic and more exposure. The majority of people use these directories when they want to look for something particular or when they are looking for other topics connected websites that do link sharing. For instance, if you own a business related website that sells diamonds, you may submit your website under shopping category and jewelry and diamonds subcategories. This is a brilliant link building strategy that cans open doors to more business earning opportunities.
If you are submitting to various web directories, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, for a directory to be valuable, the pages you submit your listings to must, at minimum, be listed in various search engines. For instance, if you submit your links to a web directory that does not appear in any search engines, chances are web visitors will not only have difficulty finding your website, but they will also have extreme difficulty finding the web directory you have listed your site in. In such cases, the listing in the web directory is a fruitless endeavor. Conversely, if you list your web site in several popular web directories and you utilize keywords in your hyperlink and short website description, you greatly increase the visibility and accessibility of your website.
The second consideration you must keep in mind when submitting to web directories is that when you are submitting your hyperlinks, you will derive the most benefit from submitting to directory pages that have a comparable theme to your website. For instance, if you have a website that is based on credit cards you will find that you get more web traffic from a web directory page that focuses on credit cards. Thus, when searching for web directories, look for web directories with topics that parallel the central focus of your website.

You will find numbers of web directories that are available in the internet which are some of them even accept listings and web directories website submission for free, but if your main objective is to increase your website popularity, again, you should consider selecting directories that are maintained and updated, which is looks like well categorized and informative. People who look for shopping goods on the website would not want to use a web directory which offers broken links and poorly categorized websites.

A business web directory is generally used by visitors who look for products, service or business. Once your site is included in a business directory, it will be included in the list of commercial or business related links and websites that are sorted out for easy searching. A good business directory should therefore give your site more exposure to prospective clients and customers.

At the end, web directories are a valuable part of your web promotional program and should not be overlooked in terms of their value. Along with the use of search engines, and article databases, a Webmaster will be pleasantly surprised at the free advertising available on the Internet. Finally, the increase in web traffic that webmasters will reap is truly astonishing indeed.

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